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Architect Lamp: The Architect’s Lighting Choice

An architect lamp has many names. It is commonly referred to as the drafting lamp or task light. It is a lamp that architects and draftsmen use to illuminate blueprints.  By using them, architects are able to do their jobs more efficiently.


Features Of An Architect Lamp

What’s so useful about it is that its head and neck can be turned in multiple directions without disturbing the wiring and the electrical circuit of the lamp. Because of the hard work of industrial engineers, the design of the lamp has improved dramatically since its first design. They are flexible and ergonomic. There are different designs and models that would suit different uses and functions. They can also be purchased according to the budget available.


Beyond The Architect’s Use

Besides being used for drawing drafts, these lamps have also been used to light a dark room and even for lighting the reading room.  Other places where this particular lamp can be used include the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room. Some have also been used as a lamp inside the bedroom, beside the bed.  They have been mounted on walls or ceilings. They vary according to the taste of the owner, the available space and the design of the room. Because of its flexibility, it can be used for a wide range of purposes.  Its sleek design also makes it easier to adapt to different scenarios.

They have also been used by designers as accessories to make a room look fresh and contemporary like La Lampe Gras lamps.


Different Models Of Architect Lamp

architect-birch-lampThese are some examples of the variations of lamps, there are still more. There are also more designs that are presently being developed by creative minds to suit modern use.

  • The Jielde Loft Desk Lamp is the lamp that is manufactured by Jielde, a French company.  It is available in different sorts of colors and is made of steel that is coated with enamel. The first design is made in 1950.
  • The Tolomeo Desk Lamp was initially designed in 1987.  Its head can be rotated using a handle. Its rotation reaches a full circle.  The material used is aluminum that is anodized.
  • Angelpoise is a lamp designed by a British designer. His name is George Carwardine.  His lamps come in either aluminum model or chrome model.
  • The Atelier Task Table Lamp is a deviation from the original design of Jielde.  Its material is nickel.
  • JJ Task Lamp is created by Centro Stile, an Italian designer in the year 1937.  The material of the lamp is made up of both steel and aluminum.
  • La Lampe Gras lamps are originally designed by Bernard Albin Gras.  The designs are unique because there is no welding or screws on the form of the lamps he designed.  They are equally aesthetic and user-friendly. To date, the lamps of La Lampe Gras are used not only in the office but are also used in residences.


A Surprising Find: A Wooden Lamp

A wooden lamp is another variety that can be used as lighting in the crafts room.  Whether the craft be sewing or beading, this design fits perfectly. This lamp recently became the apple of my eye.  It is not just a simple architect lamp, it easily became the centerpiece on my desk.

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