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Wolfard Oil Lamps Are Simple Yet Elegant

Wolfard oil lamps are an alternative to candles and candle burners.  They use oil as a fuel source which is burnt thru a wick.  They are mostly used as a tool to create a certain ambiance using different scents.  Their oil lamps can be considered as collectibles because the lamps are made by excellent artisans and glassblowers.  What I like about their oil lamps is that they also give a more refined feel than that of candles.


History Of Wolfard Oil Lamps

Jon Wolfard was a glassblower who gave his wife an oil lamp he had made himself.  With the encouragement of his wife he started the Wolfard Company.  Today this company produces world-class, high quality oil lamps.  Some of their designs were included in an art exhibition in the Whitney Museum of American Art.


Wolfard lamps are known for their suspended oil reservoir.  I find its beauty is enhanced when different colored oils are used to fuel the lamp.


Products Available

  1. Classic Oil Lamp

Wolfard’s Classic Oil Lamp is made from borosilicate glass.  Borosilicate glass is strong and can withstand heat from the burning wick.  And because borosilicate glass is strong I can be assured that the body or oil reservoir will not break while lit.  Borosilicate glass is also renowned for its clarity, so the glass is guaranteed to be translucent while burning.

  1. Gold Rimmed Oil Lamp

The Gold Rimmed Oil Lamp has a gold accent on the mouth of the lamp.  It adds an elegant touch to any room.  I find this lamp to be a perfect accent to any festivities, most especially an elegant wedding.

  1. Wolfard Oil Candles

Wolfard’s Oil Candles are another variety of oil lamp where the oil reservoir is on the inside top part of a bell shaped glass.  This mimics a candle.  But it is far more pleasing to the eye because of its simple and clean design.

  1. Arch Light and Arch Light with Bulb

The Arch Light and the Arch Light with Bulb have the same basic design of an arch that holds the suspended oil reservoir.  The difference between the two is that the Arch Light has a cone shaped reservoir while the Arch Light with Bulb has a round “bulb” reservoir.  When it is lit, the arcs will reflect the light giving the room a radiance that is both relaxing and romantic.

  1. Light Squared

Light Squared is an alternative to the Arch Light.  It has a cone shaped reservoir suspended on a glass square lamp body.

  1. Flower Bulbs

Flower Bulbs are the simplest oil lamp made by Wolfard.  I may say it’s simple but it is nevertheless beautiful.

  1. Floater Oil Lamps

Of all the lamps the company offers, the Floater Oil Lamp is my favorite because it can be personalized.  Any object or decoration can be put inside the glass tube.  The removable oil reservoir is located on the top so whatever object is inside the tube is safe.  With the right decorations this lamp can enhance any party atmosphere.


Oils Used In Wolfard Oil Lamps

images (33)Wolfard makes their own oil.  Their oils are tested to be clean burning, smokeless and don’t leave any unpleasant odors when lit or when the fire is extinguished.  There are different varieties to choose from: rose, teal, blue, violet, gold, and clear.  I highly recommend these oils as they are the ideal oil for Wolfard products.


Care And Maintenance

These oil lamps are low maintenance.  Because of the strong material used, they are dishwasher safe.  I place mine in the dishwasher upside down to prevent water and soap from being trapped inside the glass.

These oil lamps are high quality, low maintenance, and will add elegance to any home.  For those who, like me, want a simple yet elegantly styled lamp, Wolfard oil lamps are the best choice.

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